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TEXAS HERO™ is a typeface designed in 1994 by Brian Willson.
Available directly from OldFonts.com and 3IP Type Foundry.
Also from Adobe Fonts, Fontspring, MyFonts, Monotype, Creative Market.

About Texas Hero*:
It occurred to me many years ago that the graphic arts community might find useful a digital typeface that mimicked the classic look of nineteenth-century handwriting. Conveniently, my mother was then volunteering at the Center for American History at the University of Texas at Austin, my hometown. She made copies of the letters of a few famous Texans—Houston, Austin, Travis, Lamar, Rusk. Thomas J. Rusk’s penmanship caught my eye as the most accessible of the bunch. I hadn’t realized at the time what a challenge it’d be to render a script face, but the result has, in fact, filled a niche. Full release has complete character set.

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*Note: Texas Hero is not free; it's commercial software ©1994 by Brian Willson/3IP.

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